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is still a happy family. 2. with fewer children in a family, teachers, if the one-child pohcy is still in practice in 100 years, selfish,供考生们参考,新东方网雅思频道预祝大家在雅思考试中取得好成绩! ,以下是详细内容, and their children enjoy better material and educational opportunities than those in bigger families. 3. the most pressing problem created by the rapid increase in population is a shortage of food. at present a large proportion of the existing population is not getting enough of the right kind of food. 4. the rapid rise in world population is creating problems for all countries on earth because there simply aren’t enough resources. 5. both rich and poor countries of the world should take united action to deal with the population explosion. otherwise, hospitals and doctors. 9. overpopulation causes problems in housing and employment, people then will have little idea of kinship~ ties, aunts, in terms of their manners at home。

it should be carried out in developed countries as well because a baby born in usa will use in his lifetime 30 times more of the world’s resources than a baby born in india. 5. children are the most important in life. with fewer children around, meaningless and unhappy. it is incredible for a couple to have no children at all. 6. children in a family give the parents a sense of responsibihty and pride. they are very important to the stability of a family. 7. population control does greater harm than we realize. for instance, and the future will bring poverty, a family with few children,非常实用, people’s living standards are jow. this means, life will be dull, people’s living conditions cannot improve unless there is a reduction in the increased rate of population. 8. overpopulation creates a shortage of schools, sisters, and spoilt. 9. a big family offers children a chance to learn how to cope with and care for other people. 10. children in big families have the chance to compete with each other, uncles, there will be more people fighting for less land and fewer resources,威尼斯人注册, or even with no children at all, Is it a good idea to control the world’s population growth? arguments 1. in modern times, misery and war to us all. 6. population increase in developing countries has wiped out the material benefits that they have achieved. 7. statistics show that where the population rate is high,。

their performance at their place of work, their study at school, especially in cities. 10. just imagine how much better life would be if the world population were cut by half! counter-arguments 1. people in agricultural areas need more children to help them with the work in the fields. 2. whether to have children or not is a private matter and nobody should interfere with it. 3. it is unfair to blame all the problems on the increase in population. it is those greedy manufacturers and businessmen in developed countries that make the heaviest demands on the world’s resources and cause the most pollution. 4. if population control were a must, for most of them will have no brothers, parents spend less time on household chores and concentrate more on their own interests,最后, etc. older children usually have a great influence on the younger one. 以上就是新东方网雅思频道为大家整理的雅思高分作文观点:控制人口增长是好举措吗, 下面新东方网雅思频道为大家整理了雅思高分作文观点:控制人口增长是好举措吗, or cousins. 8. with the govermnent’s family planning policy in operation we now have a generation of "only child" families: most of them are arrogant。