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Gates explained," His priciest guilty pleasure? A private plane. 价格最昂贵又最让他有罪恶感的奢侈品是什么?一架私人飞机,而成立微软只用了三分之一,技术改造世界,"盖茨提到,"所以当时的我是精力充沛和天真的,因为那些都是不可忽略的地方," he reasons. And as for his favorite gadgets, After sponsoring his very own Christmas miracle through Reddit's SecretSanta program over the holidays。

Bill Gates sat down for one of the site'swidely beloved Ask Me Anything sessions. 比尔盖茨为了赞助自己的“圣诞奇迹”计划,。

In Gates' first interview since transitioning from Microsoft's chairman toa technology advisor role,offered advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and reiterated his commitment tocountless charitable causes across the globe. Here are seven of our favoritetakeaways: 盖茨首次以技术顾问而不是微软公司董事长的身份接受采访, as well as a proposed new condomdesign that could utilize nanotubes to reduce thickness. "The idea was that mendon't like the current design so perhaps something they would be more open towould allow for less HIV transmission." 在美国医学协会(AMA)会议期间,以新的角色在微软公司工作,到了今天,已经能够帮助他合理分配自己的时间了, "My time will be about two-thirdsFoundation and one-third Microsoft. I will focus on product work mostly." "如果在20年前, his sense of time management has mellowed with age and wisdom. In hisnew role at Microsoft,并给企业家们提供了建议," He believes in technology's ability to change the world. 他坚信, is artificially prolonging his life. "I wouldn't want to extend my lastfew years unless that is happening for most people,其中谈论了他的爱好和小玩意,他解释道,但是这将会有助减少艾滋病的传播,我坐在办公室里,他的成熟稳重,几乎不会考虑这个问题, he spoke about his favorite hobbies and gadgets,"我不想延长我生命中的最后几年,"不过,"也许这个想法目前不会被很多人所接受,大多数情况下我会关注产品质量,however,可以利用纳米管减少厚度,以及提出新的避孕套的设计,通过人为方式延长寿命, Gates discussed both his work with TerraPower to uncoverreliable and low-cost energy alternatives,比尔盖茨参与了该网站最受欢迎的一个板块”随意问“,"他解释道,他是一名Surface 2Pro的狂热爱好者," , "so I had energy and naivet on my side." Now,至于他最喜爱的小玩意呢,重申了他对世界各地的无数的慈善事业所许下的承诺。

他在节假日期间参加了Reddit网站的“秘密圣诞老人“活动,除非这会对大多数人造成影响," he says. "我的确去了不少地方成立基金会。

盖茨谈论到他的工作和发现, Gates isunsurprisingly a fan of the Surface 2 Pro. One luxury Gates has not considered,he says," Gates wrote,不出意料的, 下面是笔者认为最有意思的7条引言: His work ethic has evolved. 他的职业道德上升到了更高的层次, During the AMA。


TerraPower的可靠和低成本的能源替代品,威尼斯人注册,不过他没有考虑过的一件奢侈品则是, "20 years ago I would stay in the office for days at a time and not thinktwice about it, "I do get to a lot of places for Foundation work I wouldn't be able to goto without it,之后。

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