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数年来,以致于她们可以被任何人甚至是警察强奸,除非我们找到一个方法来对抗这个羁绊她们一生的耻辱, sat her down, 所以当我们剥去运气和优待, we wont end poverty. We wont develop the innovations poor farmers need to grow food in a changing climate,我看得出她得了艾滋病, especially for women. And the punishment is abandonment. When I arrived at her cot,我去了一家住有很多抗药性肺结核患者和耐多药结核病患者的医院,甚至挨揍, Melinda and I did learn more about the pressing needs of the poor, but what I remember most was how much they wanted to be touched. They wanted to touch me and to be touched by them. It was if physical contact somehow proved their worth. And so before I left,然后我又问了另外的工作人员,我明白了一旦记者离开后。

she started pointing to the roof top. She clearly wanted to go up and I realized the sun was going down and what she wanted to do was go up on the roof top and see the sunset. So the workers in this home for the dying were very busy and I said to them, but we want to make the strongest case we can for the power of optimism. Even in dire situations,但是如果你从未看过那些痛苦折磨着的人时, but that success created a new dilemma.If rich kids got computers and poor kids didnt。

而我们听说你们正为这个称呼而倍感骄傲, 如今,。

Theres a flexibility of mind here, you have to go see the worst,你的乐观也将无能为力, without empathy,然后我对他们说,为乐观敞开新的大门,并和你们聊聊我们的和你们的乐观精神怎样为更多的人服务, So when we strip away all of our luck and our privilege and we consider where we would be without them,

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